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An Introduction.
Hardly Sound began life as a web series. Randy Reynolds asked me to take some photos of his band, Leatherbag. I was happy to oblige and we were both happy to learn that we got along really well.
Pretty soon I was shooting videos for Leatherbag. I still had my red (yes, red) Pentax K-x when we shot the first one in Randy's backyard. The stylistic choices that I made then last to this day. I'm embarrassed to say they were mostly accidental.
Next we shot a video at Superpop Records with Seth Gibbs. They recorded four (great) songs, and I shot the whole thing. Randy, like myself, is always ready to hit you with a Big Idea. In this case: what if this was a whole series? What if, instead of just being a fun thing we did just for Leatherbag, we invited other bands to Superpop and did the same thing with them?

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