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Turn back the clocks to 2014, Origami Heart had just launched it's 'Love Story' contest where we asked newly engaged couples to share their stories of their engagement. Marc & Liana shared their heart warming story about how they met in 2006 as students in university and fell deeply in love with each other–pulling all-nighters to watch old cartoons, competing in Pokémon the game, and conquering the digital realm of World of Warcraft together. After years of adventures around the world, working through their challenges, and growing together in their love, on their seventh anniversary Marc told the story of the 7 year journey through a series of seven pictures. He also had an eighth picture that was covered.. and finished the story by telling Liana, “This last picture is where I hope our next year will go.” Liana uncovered the picture, revealing an image of an engagement ring. She turned around to find Marc already on his knee. Year eight became the year they decided to spend the rest of their lives together.
Origami Heart was honoured to be a part of this new journey in their lives, and perhaps in year 50, they'll look back on their story of their wedding day

เพิ่มบน 14 Jan 2017
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