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ขอบคุณ, คะแนนของคุณได้รับการบันทึกแล้วและจะแสดงในไม่ช้า.

This is a hard season. So much loss.
A couple weeks ago I took my journal to the foothills and asked the Holy Spirit to speak to my broken heart. And there He gave me the picture of a tree in winter: bare, cold, branches cut off. He reminded me that even though a tree in winter appears dead...it is still very much alive, still growing. He reminded me that it's what the tree is rooted in that will determine how it weathers a storm.
And then it happened. A song. A few days ago He gave me this song. It's been over a year since I've been able to write anything. So I'm guessing this isn't just for me to keep to myself. I'm guessing there are many of you who are struggling with storms right now too. Let me remind you that God is good. He is working beneath the surface of what we can see. Take heart, and dig your roots down deep into His unfailing love.

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