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NOTE: This game is also available on both gamepitstop.ru and beamdog.com.
Xenus II: White Gold is the sequel to Boiling Point (released as Xenus in some territories). Xenus II: White Gold was released in 2008 in Russia and an English version appeared in 2010 on GamersGate.com. Since then, a number of fans started to fix some issues with this game and most importantly added some proper English translations, which makes the whole game much more enjoyable.
When you have this game set up properly it's a great experience. You have total freedom where to go and you can do various missions for any faction in this game. You have to choose on who's side you're gonna be though, because with all these friends you're bound to make some enemies.
I created this trailer to pay my tribute and do my best to promote this hidden gem of a game. You have to be able to look through some bugs, but to me this total open world FPS-RPG is a one-of-a-kind experience. I could not recommend this game much more. Enjoy my trailer!!
Music: Shantel - Borino Oro

เพิ่มบน 25 Feb 2017
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