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New narratives, like the ones we've seen in Avatar and in The Matrix, that create a holistic view of a technologized society I think really help facilitate the public understanding of the potential of science. It also looks at the advantages as well as some of the challenges that science and technology faces and its impact on people. But also, it creates these scenarios of possibility and so that by visualization, by creating the conditions through which people kind of imagine and engage with the potential I think is extremely powerful. And I think that this is something that we really all need to connect with. And I think that's really in some ways a global language that we could potentially share. If we can create an impact through an image or a visualization through a narrative, it becomes extremely strong. And it then forms a platform for further discussion, which becomes informed rather than literally shut down by ignorance or fear. And those are the conditions that I think are really important in starting to understand what 21st century science and technology is actually about.

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