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I don't think tech is an emancipatory tool for either humanity or for creativity. The creative will be creative, with or without technology. The creative always will have... And I wrote a book called 'The Cult of the Amateur', which argued that the more technology there is, particularly digital technology, the harder it is for creative people to make a living, the harder it is to get other people to pay them for their writing, their movies, their music, and I think that is a big problem with the internet age. I also don't think that tech enables creativity. It doesn't emancipate us. I think it's a very problematic way of thinking about technology. And I think it also is unfair on technology, it puts too much responsibility on technology. Technology is technology. Sometimes it can emancipates us. I mean, I couldn't live without the wheel or fire or electricity; I probably couldn't live without the internet. But that doesn't mean it has emancipated me; it hasn't made me into a different human being.

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เพิ่มบน 14 May 2017
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