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I will say this is consumer technology. And it's so far ahead from enterprise technology. When I am using Facebook, or blogging, or chat, or MSN for example. When I use MSN I feel like email is so old-fashioned, it's so slow. So I understand that young people, they say to me 'I use email at work, but when I talk to my friends I don't use email because it's too bureaucratic, it takes too long a time, the user interface is quite bad.' And then, I can ask my kids 'Why aren't you using Messenger?'. Because when I open up my computer, it's there, and it's so simple. So, I would say that one lesson learned is that earlier it was enterprises and military who drove the technology and the innovation. But now the best innovation is happening on the consumer's side. They are young people, they are sitting in a small room at their home, and doing lots and lots of cool things. Look at YouTube for example, who was on YouTube ten years ago? I don't know. Five years ago? I don't know. Today, it's a top number first site. And how many television companies is owning YouTube? Zero. So I would say that the lesson learned is that we should use this in our companies. If we don't use it, for me it feels like you have a donkey at work and you have the Porsche at home. You understand? And why should I accept to have a donkey at work, when the Porsche is there and it's quite cheap? This is cheap, almost for free. So you don't need to have expensive, locked in software.

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เพิ่มบน 10 May 2017
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