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Over the Rainbow was a TV talent show to cast the role of Dorothy in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s theatre production of The Wizard of Oz.
The fundamental goal of Over the Rainbow’s interactive strategy was to create a passionate community of fans around the show. We did this by employing game-theory techniques, second-screen technology and an
extensive editorial strategy. It was also a breakthrough in interactive television.
Using a multi-platform second-screen app (Android, iOS and Webbrowser), audiences could interact with the show, and have the results of that interaction displayed back on television.
The goal was to convert the audience from passive viewers into an active community; invested enough to want to return repeatedly to the website or the app during the week. We offered exclusive videos, articles and the ability to earn votes to keep them coming back.
And it worked.
Over the Rainbow was one of the most successful online properties in the CBC’s history.

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