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The big difference just in my lifetime is just the rapid progress of technology. It's only 40 years ago, if you wanted to phone America you had to book a call and it cost you about a half a week's wages. Now all over the world young people that can afford it have their iPhone, their BlackBerry, their computer. And it's a network of global communications which makes it difficult for dictatorships like the junta in Burma and so on. And what it is also allowing is that that young generation is picking and choosing what they like from different cultures. When I went to school I was told that one day the whole world would be lifted up to an Anglo-Saxon quality of life. Even the Americans. That's sort of arrogant. It's nonsense now. People are seeing the strength of different cultures. And there isn't going to be one predominant winner in this race. The winner will be when humanity accepts that the difference is attractive.

เพิ่มบน 26 Mar 2017
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