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Daniel Canogar
"Game Over," 2014
Discarded game boy pieces, wood, projector, multimedia player
53 x 26.3 x 15 in / 134.6 x 60 x 38 cm
Edition of 3
Daniel Canogar's his latest series, "Small Data", explores the life and death of consumer electronics. Comprised of precisely mapped overhead projections and salvaged devices, Small Data uses light to reanimate found objects such as crushed computers, scanners, printers, old cell phones and hard discs. Propped on shelves, these decaying technologies are presented as contemporary still lives, insidious reminders of our own aging process and inevitable expiration date. As tools for communication with the outside world, and as repositories for so many of our memories, we acquire a very intimate relationship with technological devices. Haunted by these pasts, Canogar attempts to reveal the memories, both personal and collective, that seem trapped within, mementos of a time when they had fully functional lives and served us well.

เพิ่มบน 13 Aug 2016
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