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ขอบคุณ, คะแนนของคุณได้รับการบันทึกแล้วและจะแสดงในไม่ช้า.

What we tend to do, is to create a world and have different sorts of contents that are suited for web platform and are not suited for the other. From a technical point of view it's different to shoot, especially because you have a more intimate one-to-one experience. The technology doesn't allow you... for example mobile phones - you have to be aware of time, of camera movements and lighting and all that. That's a technical issue.
But also in terms of content, people have different experiences. When I watch television at home normally I'm sitting on the couch, or lay back. When I'm watching something on the mobile phone I am very close to the screen and it's a more one-to-one experience and more intimate. So that changes the type of content, how you shoot it, if it's a total camera or if it's something that is more... you are more a third person and you're not inside the story.
All these elements change the way that you structure. For me, and what I tend to include in all the projects that we do, it really is different. You have a different experience, so there's no point to pick the same content and put it in all the platforms. You need to realize how people consume entertainment on each platform. The way they consume, the time of the day, the length of the content, and you need to be really very careful how you structure your big story. So you know, this piece of content will have much more impact if it shot this way and shown on a mobile, and the other piece of content will have more impact if it's shown on television.

เพิ่มบน 03 Apr 2017
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