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In Bagman, you play a thief on a mission to collect bags of gold from an expansive, multi-level cavern. In order to complete the game, you'll need to maneuver around two suspicious guards to make a successful escape with your loot. Each time you collect a bag of gold, you will have to deposit it in the wheelbarrow at the top of the cavern – and only when you have delivered all the bags can you advance to the next level. Use the available carts on tracks to make your way between adjacent screens; when the tracks stop, you'll have to time your jump carefully to avoid missing the next pathway. In addition to the network of tracks laid throughout the cavern, you can rely on elevators to move from level to level and transport your bags of gold more efficiently. A 1982 original, the Bagman arcade game was produced by Valadon Automation and licensed to Stern Electronics and has remained a fan favorite of many gamers.

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